2023 - Suburbia: mothermother Iteration 22
Northart, Auckland
22 May - 3 June 2023

exploring the pleasures and anxieties of the sub-urban: what is allowed, what is excluded… and what could be.

Iteration 22 includes work by Philippa Blair, Stella Brennan, Layla Rudneva-Mackay, The Estate of L.Budd, Inga Fillary, Natalie Tozer, Teresa Peters, Maree Horner, Ekaterina Dimieva, Monique Lacey, Rebecca Wallis, Kelly Pretty, Janet Mazenier, Lillie Balfour, Rose Meyer, Robyn Walton, Jana Wood, Michelle Mayn, Kiriana O’Connell, Jessica Douglas, Lucy Boermans, Karen Rubado, Tori Beeche, Susan Nelson, Melanie Arnold and Caitlin Devoy.

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Photo credit: Sam Hartnett
2023 - Suburbia: mothermother Iteration 22